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Group Manager Skill Retention From SM Roles


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All, just wondering - what do GM's in your service retain as skills, when they move up to that role, from SM.

In my service, nearly all skills are removed from GM's (I.e. HMA, FI, etc), with the only one that may retain being MTFA. Yet others retain them. What do other services do? Reading Steve's book, it flagged to me the number of skills it appears GM's retain in LFB, so whats it like elsewhere.

It seems off to me, that just as you get to a point in your career, where you should have a lot of experience to share and use,  the desk role takes over in some services. It definitely makes it less attractive to move up in my eyes (not that thats an issue for me!)

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In GMFRS up until literally these past few weeks, GMs carried all their skills over, HDIM etc, would attend jobs as per usual etc.

It is now proposed that it will literally be all but a desk role, giving up HDIM etc. except for the NILO role, which will be required of all GMs, oh and of course to attend all those Level 3's+... basically it now sounds as attractive as two weeks holiday in Jaywick.

The irony is I've an interview soon, but I will have to think long and hard about what direction I go in - if EMR comes in sooner rather than later, I will certainly be doing that as an SM being passionate about it being part of our duties anyway, even if I have to demote myself in the process.

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