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Christmas and New Year Calls


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I'm surprised nobody has already posted this old chestnut, but here goes for those working over the Christmas and New Year.

I was off Christmas Eve and Day and started this morning. About 15 minutes in got a persons reported, which thankfully turned out to be nothing. Certainly got the heart rate going though and as a bit of added interest, roads were like a bottle with an overnight ice warning.

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RTC in the early morning following Boxing Day, B post rip, fortunately no serious injuries, when the paramedic eventually arrived they got them to be brave and walk out, by this time we’d finished the space creation and had been keeping the casualty warm for ten minutes! 

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Nightshift on Christmas night. Relatively quiet till boxing day morning when we were turned out as the make up to a fire in a rooftop terrace of a restaurant. Excellent work by crews to contain and extinguish fire,majority of the restaurant saved, along with shops/amenities attached which were unscathed. Could have been a hell of a lot worse.

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I did 23rd 24th days 25th 26th nights

23rd nothing at all, 24th nothing again

25th 2 alarms and a RTC 3 people reported, couldn't find the incident, 3 appliances and 2 ambos going up and down the road for 10 mins. Control called to say they made off to the hospital 

26th bells went about 11pm for house fire persons reported. Got there and it was just a domestic, he had cut his arms and she had tried setting fire to the doormat on the front garden. 

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Came off duty Christmas morning, my first set in charge on my own. Last jobs of the year were two RTCs and alarms in a retirement home that was a small fire. First job was this early this morning, RTC make safe after the partying driver collided with a wall

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Was on 24th/25th days, 26th/27th night.

Usually nothing shouts on 25th ranging from floodings to person locked in bathroom.

Boxing day night was quiet with some AFAs.

Picked up a job in the night on the 27th. We went on the MP6, as we turned up the BA crew had just pulled a casualty out and we were the first to work on her. Unfortunately after 45 minutes of efforts we lost her.

That’s now the 6th year in a row my station has picked up a job in the Christmas tour. Odd.

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