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Boyd Street 2020


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Just spent an hour watching probably the most raw case study of the last few years which I think could be a great discussion piece for watches to go over and think about how it could be used to educate British Firefighters.  Im sure many of you have already seen the GoPro footage from the incident.

The fire was a shop in LA that stored huge amounts of Nitrous Oxide, was stacked front to back making access difficult and with breached compartments between the two units. The fire developed rapidly following access being made, leading to 11 injured firefighters with life changing injuries.

Obviously a lot of it is US specific (venting vertically ahead of a fire attack), but the topics of PPE (when to don full PPE including gloves), BA (indentifying access and procedures in a confined access), Risk Assesments (deciding how to proceed following reports of conditions inside/externally), Incident Command and assessing risk on your own ground are all translateable.

Hope you find it useful.

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An absolutely humbling and heart wrenching watch. When I saw this a few weeks ago, I pushed this on my own social media accounts as I thought it much more valuable, due to how frank it was than any massively 'red-penned' lessons learned package the UK Fire service would release. I'd say an hour of a watches time viewing this would be much better that another dull click-through dull computer training package released in house?

Well worth a watch, plenty to learn. The tactics may be different, the risk from the premises and the fire itself in unilateral.

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Funnily enough it was your posts that brought it ro my attention! 

I'm going to try and get my watch to go through it in the new year. It's so raw and emotive that you really pay attention to the lessons

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Took time to watch this following the reviews above, and really interesting. Lots of areas to think about, for me - one of the few videos whcih shows a fairly innocent start (i.e. smoke density and colour,) though to such an escalation. Really interesting!

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