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Despite what we do for a living, there are occasionally those jobs that go beyond the norm and are truly horrific.  

Thoughts to my former colleagues and close mates who turned out to this

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A horrendous job for all involved, a mate i went to training school with was on the first truck in attendance, hes ok, luckily its quite a strong close watch. The incident log is horrific reading, the first crews were confronted with hell. I cant imagine what the famillies are going through right now, especially this close to christmas

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Very sad indeed, its never going to end well playing on ice. In my opinion its never thick enough in this country.

Ironically, I was mobilised to 3 children on ice the day after this in Manchester as SM.

On arrival there was no one in sight and it turned into one of those jobs of trying to find them. Had they gone in? Had they run off?

I had to get to a point where I believed they had done one on hearing the sirens on route and despite all the checks, we never located them which always makes you wonder.

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When I was young there were regular warnings to children about playing on ice, at school Children's Hour, TV programmes and the rest.

I never hear anything these days. They should be restarted.

It shows how old I am I can also remember TV and radio warnings about playing with UXB that you might find. A long time since I hear any of those (like about 65 years).

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