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Inter-Brigade / On-Call to WT Transfer Question


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I have question to anybody that has carried out the above as trying to get some information / possible data together.

Recently been through and inter service transfer and talking to people who have done this years prior and currently with other brigades ( also people doing on-call to wholetime). I hear the same thing time and time again of services ignoring previous qualifications, some better ideas / ways of working,  or even previous service in the job. 
People who were once keen to show what would work better felt like they were told to pretty much suck it up, this is our way and that’s it.

Now might be only a handful, and maybe some people have never came across this.

Today for me firefighters of all ranks should not be robots, they should learn and absorb what they can and apply it to situations they may face. Yes adhering to procedures etc, but also being able to speak out and be heard. Have that thinking process in everything that they should do.

Has anyone had any experiences of the above in any area of the job?

Would be nice to know if you don’t mind.

Feel free to inbox me should you want to stay anonymous


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ScottishFRS are currently piloting a scheme to allow transfer from RDS to WT. The first batch will be on the run WT in the new year. There is a one week transfer course, followed by being development FF until you complete your portfolio. But historic RDS incidents can be used to contribute towards your portfolio. 

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