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We are Firefighters - We are England


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Watching it just now. He's 100% not Europe's first amputee firefighter.... 

Worked with a guy who lost his arm and fought tooth and nail to prove he could stay in the job. 

well maybe they may have been about the same date 😉

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It looked like a West Mids and H&W corporate video rather than a serious independent documentary about diversity in the fire service 

There were no awkward questions about how and why the UK FRS keep missing diversity targets or why the fire service have always been slow and reactive to disability  reasonable adjustments .

So many people have had to work hard to change the fire services Victorian views. Diabetes is a good example. When I joined you would be sacked if you contracted diabetes even  if it was under control. Disgraceful 

The fact that guy and his wife had to work so hard to get his employer to consider his disability is a bloody disgrace. But no, his employer were attempting to claim kudos when they owe him and his wife an apology for the stress they caused 

All this film missed was a non binary transexual one armed vegan juggler on a tandem doing hydrant inspections .

Maybe that's next week?🤔

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