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Avon FRS Conditional Offer


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Well, it has finally happened. After a very long wait I have received a conditional offer from Avon Fire and Rescue. The only thing left to be done are pre-employment checks and we're off to the training school in February!

The news have still not dawned on me. It has been very long 4 years. I was due to start apprenticeship programme which was scrapped 5 days prior to commencement and felt like I will never get this close to doing my dream job again.

I'm hoping that it will be a smooth process. Having spoken to my previous employer (who I had a bit of a difficult end of employment with) we have reached an agreement that they will provide me with standard references which is exactly what I have been told is required.

In terms of the journey, I have had several attempts in the past. As stated before, I have passed recruitment for apprenticeship which was supposed to lead towards a Wholetime job. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. I have decided to attempt again and again, failing ladder climb (climbed too high) last year. Failed another recruitment process during the interview stage (attempted to apply for South Wales), but I decided to keep going. I have spent a lot of time preparing for each stage, researching every possible source before coming to the assessments. I am so happy that it worked.

I want to tell everyone still trying not to give up and to keep going back. Every single time you are walking away with something - be it a job offer or a Key to passing the next recruitment stage. Just keep going, it is worth it.

Thanks everyone for the support and help during the application. I'm happy to assist if anyone has any questions!

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