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LFB Documentary

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I heard a few rumours from a couple of friends who are in the LFB that this programme was in production so I have been looking forward to seeing the finished article.

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As sad as its sounds, I have missed TV when it comes to Fire and Rescue programmes. I used to watch Londons Burning and being totally honest here, it really was the dogs and it inspired me to join the job. I was gutted when it finished and nothing has come close since. OK, there have been the American shows but I haven't even seen them. A good old British Fire and Rescue programme would be very welcome. 

Anyway, I will settle for the LFB Documentary ;)

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I'm excited to see how this comes out. It must be a good twenty years or so since there was an LFB documentary so it'd be interesting to do a before and after comparison. Also I thought London's Burning was a "do not mention" around these parts xD but I must confess I'm a fan of the show too - it's a shame about the direction they steered it in towards the final series.

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I always thought it would be cool if they did a fire service version of Heartbeat/The Royal, also set in the '60s.

If anybody from TV world is reading this and thinks it's a good idea can I have a part? Ideally playing Gina's boyfriend!

Tricia Penrose.jpg

Phwoahh, those 60's clothes

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Notice the trailers for it last night on ITV. Will be interesting to see a fire brigade fly on the wall type documentary as there hasn't been one it quite a while compared to the other emergency services. Have to say, I enjoyed the BBC one that followed the London Ambulance Service which was on last year.

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4 hours ago, ItsNathanHere said:

Also I thought London's Burning was a "do not mention" around these parts

In truth, I reckon it inspired many to join. The year I joined GMC there were 10,000 application forms printed, not one was left over.

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BBC have done some interesting ones following the Ambulance service as well as the one called Hospital, the Police are getting a bit the same now but do like 24 Hours in Police Custody but fire wise, couldn't tell you the last one of any note was on so be interesting to see ITV's take on something like this.  Should be good viewing, surely LFB wouldn't let anything bad air?

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Not sure who got to see the first episode but it was a real insight for the public to see what firefighters do and how traumatic the job can be for crews.

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I watched this tonight and felt very humbled to see my colleagues presenting themselves so well. Really enjoyed it I'll definitely be watching it next week.

On a side note Carl, 'Rescue Me' is really worth a watch!

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Not long home so just watched this back on the Sky box, will have to watch it back again over the weekend, will be interesting to see what the other episodes bring.

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Rescue Me definitely gets my vote, as for Londons Burning, surely that was the first fire brigade documentary, certainly made me grab and app form.

Thought the London Doc was very good , about time general public got to see that we don't just play pool and drink tea !!!!!

Shame really as I like both tea and pool :D 

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Ok it was a bit cheesy in parts ("fire is a living, breathing thing" - Er, no it's not except in Hollywood!!), but despite that, it was  enjoyable.

I was a little disappointed that no FFs were shown interviewed re Grenfell. But i am not sure if this was a LFB policy or the result of editing. It was a shame tho. 

I thought our resident luvvy did well and as you would expect, his lines were cheese free and from the heart 

I am looking forward to seeing more jobs and perhaps some where getting water on wasn't such a carnival. Just an observation and certainly not critiscism as I want to see reality. There are very few jobs where everything goes smoothly.

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Jesus H Christ... I've been defending this sh1t since the poxy programme was shown... and already just a third of the way in I'm tired of it and regrettng my involvement.

  1. The Stations primarily involved were in Lambeth Borough and not on the Red Watch.
  2. Grenfell Tower was a Red Watch job.
  3. Whoever was going to be interviewed, had to have a full Police interview before they 'told their story' for the camera's... part of the investigation/coroner rules.
  4. An attempt was made to get N. Ken R/W involved as the initial crew, but I am told (not certain) they had an issue with the Police interviews, even though that is still coming.
  5. Others involved in the relief (B/W at Battersea for example) were off duty and it was a logistical nightmare to try to get them in, interviewed, then filmed
  6. The only one able to do it was Edric and he appeared as you saw. The whole Grenfell add on had to be turned around in a couple of days.
  7. I am sure more Ff's will appear as there is plenty of footage. If they don't please dont blame the GM's or LFB, the producer gets the say as he paid for the production.
  8. Plenty of watches/Firefighters had no desire to be filmed, thus all of the blurred faces in the programme. Why????
  9. "Because of the Kingsland Documentary" Even though most of them were still at school or not even born when that was filmed!!!!
  10. Those of us interviewed for Grenfell were picked for continuity reasons as we appear elsewhere as well as attending Grenfell.
  11. Although based around three watches in Lambeth, there was also a 'Pan-London' camera crew who responded to jobs across London
  12. Inevitably a GM taking a crew to a 15pf in West London will make better TV than Brixton W/W going to a pan on a stove
  13. Even though I tried to take a back seat, as the chaperone, I was asked questiosn such as "Steve can you explain what they are doing now..."
  14. This and a combination of 12 above will probably mean the dreaded GM/White Hat will be seen frequently in the next two episodes
  15. The FInal say is that of the producer who spent the money to make the film, LFB have been left disappointed lots of other non op stuff was binned.
  16. I'm glad I'll be retired before the mooted Series 2 comes along
  17. In case I havent made it clear THE PRODUCER GETS THE FINAL SAY ON WHAT APPEARS,

Thank You. :D

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Blimey Steve! I am not sure why you have posted what appears to be such an angry reply or why you needed to 'defend' the documentary.

My comments were just my personal view on what I saw on TV and nothing you have posted changes any of those opinions. None of them are critical of you, the LFB or anyone -neither is it a pop at white helmets 

I know exactly how film companies work and how their 'shoot to view' hours ratio can be enormous, leaving pile of tape on the cutting room floor. I have worked on huge blockbuster films where every shot is storyboarded and planned. Even then much of what is shot never makes it to the big screen and whole scene with expensive sets never get viewed. Therefore I can see how unplanned scripts and footage over 12 months  must be even more of a headache to squeeze into less than 3 hrs

You may well have had the need to defend the film and your input from what others have said elsewhere, but read my comments again, they should not be taken as negative and are entirely justifiable.

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Some of you may find it interesting to know, that the forum had the largest amount of visits this year peaking @ 22:03 on Thursday, 3 minutes after it finished. 

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