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Promotion Process


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Good morning.

I was wondering what promotion process your brigade runs for FF to CM or CM to WM??

Or does your brigade have multiple pathways??

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Mine depends on positions wether they be temp or substantial, FF to CM, your appraisal reflects if your ready and that’s taken into account, for my brigade you have to have passed the Correct IFE exams for temp and and substantial with slight differences for roles. then an application process consisting of questions like why you would be suitable for the role… and other code of ethics questions that involve PQA style answers. If you are successful at that stage you are then invited to interview. Again quite an in-depth intense interview testing knowledge and skill set, including a practical scenario.

Then finally after a few weeks of waiting 🤣,  you can get the good or bad news… if good, then you will have to pass your Incident command level assessment, again if you fail that then I’m afraid that’s it. 👍

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