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Belt Phone Holders

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Does anyone, looking at Officer level this applies at more probably, do you have a phone holder for the belt and which one?

Many of them cater for phones without a case on them so looking for something that is a bit more universal.  

More and more times pockets full with keys and that plus phone I end up causing damage to my phone especially the screen (usually the protective glass) but still a pain. 

I used to have one back in the day for the old Nokia which didn't have a case on or you got a case that had a clip but need something when I am out working I can easily get my phone but gives it that bit of protection.

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Was after recommendations that any brands or places that anyone had used.  There are loads of them and majority of them will be rubbish and not last, after recommendations from the wild.

I guess not many use them, problem with the majority of them is they fit the phone and not the extra case when using a protective case but I need a bit of wiggle room to take that into account.  Only today have I cracked the glass screen protector when working!

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