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Smart Motorway Incidents


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Driving to work this morning, and there was a car fire on the opposite carriageway. Police were in attendance (I’m thinking more by luck) had coned off part of the road behind the car and we’re waiting fire to attend.

Traffic was obviously building and during the course of my journey, saw three pumps fighting their way through to the fire. There was quite a spacing between them so I assume from different stations

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I still find motorways staggering, particularly in light of the Health and Safety culture. (Which I’m not say is a bad thing)

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I believe the Govt have frozen plans for more smart motorways while they look into whether they are dangerous. I believe the scope of that inquiry by Lord Obvious of Idiotshire will also look at whether the Pope is a Catholic and examine the nature of bears and if they shite in the woods

I was amazed at the recent TV, online and radio ads by the DoT telling people to keep left if their car breaks down. We (thru the DoT) spent 100s or £1000s on those ads which state the bleeding obvious. I would have preferred some education into the method of rejoining the motorway from such a small emergency lay-by 

Lets hope common sense prevails and smart motorways are made stupid again - starting with those stretches that do not have camera technology to automatically recognise stalled cars and switch on matrix signs

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With no hard shoulder for safer unobstructed access to scene, this happens now a lot - but it’s why ‘reverse flow’ is such and important factor, more at RTCs to be fair though.

Incident on a SMART, lanes closed not blocked, traffic stood still, Police on scene etc. there is no reason not to.

Get the pumps there quickly, knock it, turn them round, HATO or Recovery do their thing, lanes sequentially opened.

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