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Casualty Care Qualifications


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Hi all,

With moving FRS I'm looking at transferring skills and what new ones ill need to do.

LFB do IEC as their first aid qualification, accredited by LAS. I think WMFS use FREC3? Can anyone tell me the difference in terms of extra skills/training to go from IEC to FREC standard? 

Also, can anyone tell me the other qualifications and do they go in a hierarchy? E.g. level 1, 2, 3 etc.

Bonus question, I'm team medic qualified with the army (Triage, trauma care and administering fentanyl) - does anywhere in the UK accredited this outside of the army?

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I’ve done both - IEC with London and FREC3 during my time in the rescue world. They both cover the exact same skills. Theory wise I think FREC3 was slightly heavier though, and had a few exams included.

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TWFRS have a seconded Paramedic from the North East Ambulance based within the Training Centre. They train all trauma & first aid across the service. The Ops Crews do IEC. 

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