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LFB New Appliances on Parade


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I am not sure if this is a part of a post Grenfell Inquiry strategy aimed at reassuring the public, but the LFB show off new appliances about to go into service.

Pretty spectacular stuff

Meanwhile, is it just me that find it odd thar the LFB have entered into a financial agreement with the Masons, designed, procured and built a number of 60m aerials specifically as a result of Grenfell.

Now they have trained sufficient staff to place them on the run

 Theresa May, then Boris made all sorts of promises, yet the Grenfell Inquiry has not been fully published and 1000s of people are still living in fear as their homes remain wrapped in combustible cladding 

Thar prompts the question, how many Tory PMs does it take to change a lighbulb? 😡😡




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