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Water Incident Manager (WIM) Aide Memoirs etc


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Last  year i was fortunate to be put through my DEFRA Level 5 (WIM) course which was good. Classroom based due to COVID as i see others were as well. However its an area that we don't get as much time to devote CPD etc to as we should and as its not my strongest area i wondered before i reinvent the wheel - has anyone come up with any tip sheet's aid memoirs etc that they use?

A lot of the course is more relevant to flooding that is rarer here, so whilst we have our moments its much more for us about persons in water etc.

Anything or signposting available would be much appreciated - happy to share back !

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I wasn't sure you could complete the WIM course without doing the practical element. I did two hours in the classroom, one day in Llangollen and 4 days on the Menai Straits.

Quite an intense course, but throughly enjoyable too. Did you get the binder with all the pocket guides in as part of your course? 

Ive plenty of little guides, far too many to add as attachments. Is it anything in particular that you are after?

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Hi Carl.

No, we didnt get pocket guides at all. Not seen that link - i will see if we can get one to review - it may be worth us getting some. And yes, it was odd that we couldn't do the practical but landlocked Oxfordshire in Covid afforded no options! Our course was run by outreach, as opposed to rescue 3.

Predominantly, i was looking to make up some guides as aide memoirs - partly just to get the grey matter going when mobilised - most of ours are water rescues (persons in water), widespread flooding happens but less frequently, thank heavens. Initial ones were just that starting point  to run through - working methodically through to support the IC, and liaise with pulsar. Comfortable with interoperability and comms, so much more the water side. Been dusting off the folders to just work through and refresh.

I tried clicking on the downloadable forms, but the dropbox link seems to be broken so have emailed to see if there is a new one :)

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I think you have to be a member to use the dropbox function. If you are registered with Rescue 3 then you will have access. 

5 hours ago, Sparkie112 said:


Do you mean PolSA?

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