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Transferring pension between brigades ?

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Good morning all ,

 Has anyone had experience with transferring pension accumulated on leaving one brigade and joining another ? How do I go about this , many thanks 

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I'm going to jump on the back of this this has im embarrassingly ignorant. 

Aren't pension finds regional? I have about 9 months worth of contributions from a next door Brigade but was under the impression that they were all in the same pot so didn't do anything about it.

Is this not the case?

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It’s a simple process.  When you transfer you effectively resign but can have your pension moved to whoever looks after it.   Speak to your respective pensions dept as they’ll explain it but it should be a painless and straightforward process.  In my Brigade it’s a simple form that’s completed

Brigade pensions are managed by different organisations so definitely check 

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We had a guy transfer to a Channel Islands FRS and he had a chaotic time with his pension.

The pension people couldn't work out whether the arrangements were for  a UK transfer or a French one🙂

I should add that this was a one-off problem which occurred many years ago and way before the curse of Brexit.

Of course was eventually resolved, but I do remember the panic that ensued 

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I changed brigade 3 times, when you change brigade the lumpsum value of your pension is passed from the old to the new seamlessly.  I did not have to complete or sign any paperwork.

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