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Conditional Offer - Warwickshire 2


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Thought I would join in and tell my story!

After leaving the Army in 2001 I applied to WMFS and ended up getting a letter telling me I wasn't successful as WMFS were having a positive discrimination campaign and looking to employ more females and minorities into the brigade. Which I have to say didn't sit well with me at the time. But I bounced on and thought I would have a crack at retained or jump on the next campaign. 

Ended up doing other jobs and then the big recruitment freeze happened! 

So last year I saw WMFS advertise so thought I would try my luck again. Got as far as the online physcometric tests and got an email saying I was unsuccessful. Not put off this time I knew other brigades would also be hiring so I got to work finding out a bit more about the recruitment process and how to apply myself into it better.

Applied to Warks this year and at every stage I convinced myself I had screwed it up! But got a conditional offer email on weds!! Really couldn't believe it when I read it, over the moon!!

Really looking forward to starting training (assuming I pass the conditions!) 

Cant wait to become part of the family!

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