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HMI Round 2, Tranche 2 Inspections


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38 minutes ago, Keith said:

Why don't they keep it simple and just say 2021/22 Inspections? 

Would it be toooooo cynical of me to suggest that big words and long titles are being used to justify extortionate salaries for those carrying out these inspections?

Can you tell my service got a bit of a mauling and I really don’t agree with some of the things said?

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Split this one off from the AFA thread that we were all taking of topic.;)

Taking up the point you made Carl, I know what you're saying, I suppose naturally we're all a bit cautious when taking to inspectors or auditors, but sometimes is it an opportunity to get our point across, particularly when management isn't listening?

Looking at these inspections as an outsider, as it only covers England & Wales and when you get away from the blatant anti firefighter, anti union agenda of the HMI regime, there are some areas where they aren't afraid to get stuck in. We were taking about this last week when Gloucestershire were put into special measures. I suggested if they were looking at us, it would be a case of a padlock required for the front door. We've invited the Scottish HMI to inspect us, so that will be interesting to say the least. 

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After Zoe Billinghams shameful attack and Tom Winsors last shocking report before he too retired, there is not a cat in hells chance I would participate in any future visit.

I mean, just look at this guy? Never earned the right to wear any undress uniform but it didn’t stop him from turning up at functions like Idi Amin


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On 30/07/2022 at 08:21, Percy said:

..there is not a cat in hells chance I would participate in any future visit.

That was my exact thought when I read Carl’s warning, not that they seem to want to speak with plebs like me.  One of the benefits of being on-call is that I can legitimately tell them that due to primary commitments, I can only make a meeting between 6am and 8am or on a Sunday.  I find that tends to put them off.

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