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Soho Fire Station


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Is there anyone on here currently based at Soho? Or anyone who has served there (I’m sure many of the LFB among us have been there on standbys). Just wondering what it’s like? Is it in and out all day? What percent of shouts are AFA’s? How often are you going to working jobs? 

Bit of a spotter type thread I’m aware but just reread ‘Underfire’ by Ray Chilton and I’m in awe of how good it sounds (I’m aware he retired nearly 20 years ago but the streets/risk don’t change right?). 

Also, is the entire building use as a fire station? All the floors above the pumps bays? If so, that is some station. There must be pole drops galore. 

As possibly the most iconic station in the UK it would be really interesting to here what it’s like there. (I have watched the recent YouTube clip but always better to hear from the horses mouth).

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I did a few standbys to the old and new station, and can confirm the new one is smarter and larger, but lacks the history of the old one 

The yellow shed part on the roof was a temporary structure after bomb damage in WW2........ it was there 42 years

It's ground is perhaps the most unique in the UK and can (and will) throw anything at you, so you have to be at the top of your game. The buildings are vast, and even smaller buildings can be interconnected at various levels and even have basements that come up in the next street. 

But the biggest difference are the (bloody) tourists. Every time you leave the station, or get off the pump, there's a camera in your face.

Its a great station . Since the closure of Knightsbridge, Manchester Sq and Clerkenwell fire stations, its ground it ridiculously large in terms of what is on it. 

I really enjoyed standing by there - other than trying to get around Covent Garden on a Saturday night with an appliance with no power steering 

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I once worked in a semi-bunkered building surrounded by blast walls that dated from 1941. It was designated war time temporary.

In 1972, the 'refurbished' it - put plaster on the wals and new paint, and designated it a new and permanent office space.


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There's a lot of wartime 'temporary' structures around.  My local hospital has many really happy single storey wards from that period.

I spent a night in one a couple of years ago and saw daylight coming through a crack in the wall :)


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Are the old and new stations on the same site?

From the picture in Messy's post I'm guessing it's a different site. Also looks like The Sweeney are paying a visit.🤣

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