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Demonstrating Competency at Incidents

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Can you let me know which FRSs can update maintenance of competency records from using equipment and performing tasks at incidents please?

At my former service, you could update an individuals records from demonstrating competency at both training sessions and incidents attended.

In my current FRS, even if a crew has just successfully rescued someone at an RTC close to Change of Watch demonstrating competence, they can’t claim anything against their records and have to then repeat maybe the exact same scenario on a drill for someone to sign off if its RTC that day 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

I know there’s more than Surrey who allow this, Cheshire being another.


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My previous brigade did, in fact I think that was the preferred way to do it. My current brigade don’t, although I like to think most officers use common sense ? 

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Why if close to change of watch why can they not claim it, if they have done it they have done it, weather it be at 1755 or at 1000.

It all seems backwards, surely a live save in this example is better than in a training session?

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Sorry what I meant was (and I was actually there at my station at the time and turned out with them to the RTC) a watch had just come on duty…. Whilst on parade were mobilised to RTC persons trapped before they could complete the parade and discuss what drills would be that day RTC. A very complex extrication later they returned to station but as we cannot (currently) count demonstrated competence at incidents towards someone’s Maintenance Of Competence, they had to do it all again on the yard because it was the RTC training element… ‘by the letter of the law’. 

I agree with you, they just did demonstrate competence in a real setting, it’s crazy, I want to change it hence why I’m asking how many FRSs allow it.

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The trouble I've found with using incidents to sign off competency is that the list of things to achieve in order to achieve competency isn't always covered when attending a single RTC, or like signing someone off as competent in the entry control operative role even though you haven't done every bit of the competence such as more obscure things like securing a guideline outside the building.

In the circumstance as you described Percy if it was me in charge of the days training I'd either adapt the training to do a different scenario, or have the confidence they could do some different training entirely. Do watch officers not have the ability to do this in your brigade without being told they should have stuck rigidly to what was in the diary?

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