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Workwear Polo Shirt (Technical Rescue Stations)

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Hello everyone, looking to get the details of the manufacturer of a polo shirt I see getting worn by but not exclusively the technical rescue/usar teams in Kent, Devon and Somerset and most recently West Sussex. Looking to try and persue the issue of this style to our usar and specialist response teams.

The tops look to be a polo shirt with a rank slide on one sleeve and pen holder on the other.

Also if you have the above style top, pros and cons would be great. Our current day wear is either the standard fire shirt or a scrappy cheapo wicking t. There’s no option to display rank on the t’s which is one of the bits I’m hoping to address.


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Sounds like the standard workwear polo for Kent. Supplied through Ballyclare. Also have a T-shirt to go under it for wearing with fire kit. Can’t remember the material, but the sweat stays on it, so end up rather smelly.

It was alright, but preferred the old cotton black T-shirt and smart shirt style.

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Exactly as Crog says, we all have the same polo shirt. They are comfy and better than the normal old shirts but they do give you the polyester sweats. Worth getting some black cheapies from Primark to go underneath.

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Ballyclare have just gone bankrupt!

Kent FRS lead the national procurement team and are currently looking for alternative suppliers.

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Cheers all, didn’t get a notification of your replies. Interesting about ballyclare I thought they were pretty big players.

Had a feeling the polyester might suffer from stinkyness, definitely a market for cotton ‘modern’ style kit.

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Don’t stop with recommending it just for a Gucci team - suggest it be adopted for everyone so you have a modern and fit for purpose practical uniform. I’d love it.

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Far from a Gucci team lol, we’re scratching around trying to find kit in a service that still issues the cheapo sewn crease trousers and knock off dm’s.

 There are unfortunately too many principle officers still in the job who don’t like the ‘look’ but will never themselves know the benefits unlike the troops who are crying out for the more practical workwear. Everything done in the cheapest way is also a contributing factor.

I can’t change an organisation, my blood pressure couldn’t take it but I can hopefully influence the improvement in kit for those working in my team doing slightly more technical roles.

Whiffy tops doesn’t sound like the answer though especially if the suppliers gone belly up. 

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I mean I get the different PPE, and having moved onto wearing a polo shirt if recommend it to every FF out there. Gleaming bit of kit over t shirt and shirt combo

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On 12/11/2022 at 16:11, Lummox said:

I can’t change an organisation… 

There are unfortunately too many principle officers still in the job who don’t like the ‘look’ but will never themselves know the benefits unlike the troops who are crying out for more practical workwear.

Point 1) Are you kidding me? History is full of examples of how one person has single-handedly managed to change far more than just an organisations viewpoint on T-Shirts! So yes, you can!

Point 2) Tell them this, regularly and tell your colleagues to also tell them this esch time they come to a station. Do a survey monkey amongst Ops crews seeing if they prefer creased trousers (I thought these had gone out with the invention of the wheel) and workwear shirts or more modern cargo trousers and t-shirts. Once the results are in your hand, use pics of your local Police and Ambulance Service as further examples of practical modern workwear as I’m sure they too will wear modern kit to bulk out a paper then send to your senior team.

They can’t argue with that 🤓

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