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GMFRS Unconditional Offer 2022


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Hello everyone! 

A few days ago I got my unconditional offer for GMFRS. I could not have done it without the help from this forum. I’d like to especially thank  Carl, Youngnis4 and Andy1 for your advice and encouragement. The folks at Withington fire station for helping me prepare for the NFSTs. Massive thank you also to Martin and Brandon in Birmingham for helping me prepare for the interview and giving general advice.

The course is starting on the 4th July and I cannot wait. It’s been a long recruitment process with some hiccups along the way but now it’s all out of the way and I can focus on learning my new job. Hope to meet some of you in the future! 

All the best, 

Sean Caio 

In terms of the journey itself. I first applied in September last year year. I got as far as being invited to interview but then wasn’t given my interview because my name got mixed up with someone else’s. I had to go back a step and do the bleep test again. I waited for the next interviews to come around. I put around 100 hours of preparation into the interview. I spoke with operational firefighters, retired firefighters and even GMP during my prep. Luckily I managed to get a week off work and spend nearly every day in the library. I’d love to help anyone who is at interview stage with GMFRS. 
Everything else you just have to give your best shot. Try and get a bit of practice before NFSTs at your local station. 

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Don't mention it mate, pleased to hear you made it. Welcome to the best job you will ever do. Enjoy the recruits course and give me a shout if you need anything.




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Well done. I shall no doubt see you around at some stage. Although I don't think your new name page will read Jimbo James ;)


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