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KFRS Wholetime Success


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Hi all, 

This post kinda serves as a success story and an introduction! I was actually successful last year and have been in since last July, so apologies for the tardiness! 

I had always wanted to join the Fire Service but for one reason or another, my personal life/circumstances never lined up. I applied in about 2018 but was unsuccessful fairly early on in the process. 
Fast forward to 2020 and the first lockdown of the "virus of unknown origin" and KFRS opened up their recruitment. I remember that it was first come first serve for signing up to the Eventbrite website. So predictably, at 9am on the day it opened....the site crashed. And then 10 minutes later all the spots were full! I felt a bit smug as I had managed to get registered but there was a fair bit of outcry on social media so they had to open it back up for a few more days. 

Got through the behavioural questions and verbal/numerical reasoning tests, which was where I failed before. Due to CV19 the next stage was mini-interviews done via video. A series of questions pre-recorded and candidates were given 30 secs preparation time and then 2 minutes to provide an answer. 
Unfortunately at this time, the day before my interview my father became seriously ill and I had to travel abroad at short notice meaning I was going to miss my interview slot. I almost gave up and accepted it wasn't meant to be, but my family gathered round and told me to stop being so silly. Contact them and explain. I'm so glad I did as they couldn't have been more understanding and my interview was re-arranged for about 10 days later. 
Was successful at that stage so onto the physical tests. At this stage, restrictions were lifting but everything was still done masked up and as socially distanced as possible. Breezed through the physical tests and thought I gave a good account of myself during the "team building" activities. Wasn't holding my breath as you just never know and it was so competitive. 

After a 4 week wait.....the letter arrived......
Congratulations on passing the selection, we are delighted to offer you a conditional position of firefighter.....
Que me jumping around the room without reading the next sentence....
However, due to the current restrictions we are unable to offer you a start date...... 

I was gutted. I'd been in a similar position before for a job in the "civil service". Put in a holding pool that never amounted to anything. I naturally thought that it was again never going to happen despite the reassurances from KFRS that it would. It didn't help that I was desperate to get out of the job I was in. 
Fast forward to December (3 months after receiving the letter) and still nothing. Granted we were in the middle of lockdown...whatever number by then...but I was rather disheartened. Nothing to do with KFRS, obviously they had their own struggles to deal with during the pandemic (as did everyone). And then, some hope! KFRS planned 12 webinars (to be run once a month) for us in the recruitment pool which were to cover various topics and that the first 12 recruits would be starting in February followed by the next 12 and so on every month or so. 

Attended 2 of the webinars but then got a call in May asking to come in for a medical with a view to starting my recruit course in July. Once I'd dotted the i's and crossed the t's I handed in my notice and eagerly awaited mid-July! 

Completed my 20 week recruit course (a combination of training centre based modules and time spent on a training station) and have been on the run since December. Absolutely loving the job, the guys and gals on station and have no regrets on the career change! Already had some decent jobs including a couple of MP8 fires, BA wears and a roof off RTC.

For those going through the process, keep at it and don't take anything for granted. Prepare and plan for every step and give it your all! You won't regret it. 

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