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Chas: A Lifetime Fighting Fire

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There are probably a few on here that have worked with, come across or heard of Chas McGill from Hampshire.

If you are not aware he has had a biography which was only published last week.  You can purchase via the website, directly from Chas or via Alan Titheridge on Facebook.

I met Chas some 10 plus years ago and he is one of them people that will stick with you, those that will have worked with him will probably say the same too.

Just wanted to share for anyone interested, have read it from front to back already, next stop I guess will be Steve's when it's done although I suspect that one might take me a bit longer.

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Great read, I’ve known Chas for about 15 years and worked together on quite a few projects. Over fifty years and still actively involved - quite the story….! 

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