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Rope Rescue Training

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Hi All, 

I currently work at a tech rescue station with rope, animal, bariatric, swift water, alp and a standard appliance. 

We are currently looking at our rope training frequency, which is currently on a 4 month repeat rotation, covering techniques such as: 

Cableways, Pull aways, embankment, barrow boy, tyrolean/ English reave. 

I am interested to see the comparison to other brigades with training frequency but also other work you undertake such as community work, 72d's and any additional payment allowances you may get. I would appreciate any information/ comments you have, our current training provider is Lyon but i am aware that there are others out there. 

Appreciate any comments  

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My station is a USAR station that operates the exact same as every other fire station in the county, except 2 days shifts a month we are detached for USAR training. This time last year, we operated a normal pumping appliance, full USAR capabilities, technical rope rescue, bariatric, SWRT and animal rescue. Now, we have just a pump and USAR, however we still have our 5% pay uplift. Our pay uplift is solely for the USAR capabilities and all the stations in our county with other specials do not receive any enhancement. 

With USAR being two dedicated days a month, it’s easy to keep on top of competencies, and we can work all our fire competencies/risk visits/CFS around those two days. I believe our rope frequency is on a 3 month basis, with a yearly requal from a brigade instructor.

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LFB share line between USAR and non USAR FRU’s all of these are at stations with regular pumping appliances which they will ride and carry out day to day duties such as cfs and 72d. Training is watch led with trainer led 6-12 monthly revalidations. 

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My station is the only technical rope station in county, we have  the following to stay on top of

Frontline fire appliance

level 3 rope

bariatric rescue

manitou telehandler



foam response unit


all currently crewed with a 2-2-4 system and a watch of 9. 6 planned and 5 minimum.

Its a huge effort to stay on top of at the appropriate standard.

We are still expected to do all the same community work as any other firecrew along with the same response.

The only way we’ve found for rope training and it does appear to work is to use an off shift day as a training day every other month and replicate this training itinerary across the normal shift pattern. This gives for most a double opportunity to cover both elements and means those not wanting to work outside the 224 don’t have to. The attendance of the ‘x’ day means the attendant can take a flexi day off normal shift where it fits. 

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