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GMFRS - Unconditional Offer


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So this week I have received my unconditional offer of employment from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. Just being able to write this post and say that is an unbelievable feeling and to say I can not wait to get started doesn't even come close to doing it justice! 

After several unsuccessful applications, including being sent home from the National Firefighter Selection Tests, not getting through a group assessment center and going back and forth for almost a year since my original conditional offer of employment was made, due to an issue flagging up on my medical, it's quite overwhelming to know I will be starting the recruits course for GMFRS in under two weeks time!

The process as a whole has been one of the most stressful and nerve racking things I have been through, and I've genuinely lost count of the amount of times I have thought about turning away after not getting through a certain stage or being knocked back. But I can safely say that submitting my expression of interest way back at the start of this whole thing, now feels like the best thing I have ever done for myself.

This forum has been a huge help with my recruitment and it goes without saying that a massive thanks goes to everyone on here who's offered me advice and answered any questions that I've sent over to them regarding the stages or anything else.

Obviously I haven't started the course yet and am the furthest thing from an expert, but if anyone is in the early stages of the recruitment process and has any questions, I sign in to the forum quite a lot and will do anything I can to help! 

Also, I am beginning the recruits course on May 9th, if anyone on here is on the same course feel free to drop me a message before we start! 

Cheers for reading guys! 

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Congratulations you start a course exactly a year (maybe 1 day difference?)after I did. Enjoy training and let me know what station you end up at! 

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