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LFB Internal Transfer Process


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I have recently been successful in the external transferee process for LFB. I have been offered a position at Park Royal, however this station does approx 800 shouts a year less than the shire brigade station I am currently serving at. My main motivation for applying to transfer was to go to a busy met station, that I could commute to by train, so this is obviously not ideal. I have been told I will only be offered this station but can make a transfer request immediately on arrival. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of how long this process usually takes in LFB? I currently have my C class license but no efad and no other special skills recognised by LFB.

I just don't want to end up stuck on a quieter station than I have come from but also having the additional commute.

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Someone on here will have more up to date info than I do, but are you sure that's not the total number of calls on their own ground?

If so, it's surrounded by reasonably busy stations such as Willesden, Wembley and North Kensington , so will pick up some from them

Park Royal isn't the busiest station in the world, and the view outside of a industrial trading estate is dull, but its a varied ground and a way into the LFB so don't be disheartened.  Plus, get yourself a rod as the canal is at the back of the yard 😉

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That was the combined number for everything they were first or second pump to in 2021, I get that they would have gone to more as third and fourth etc too. But the number for their ground on its own was even less.

I don't not enjoy where I am now which is the problem, we are a reasonably busy, 2 pump, specialist station, 20 mins from my house. So it would be good to get some current opinions on park royal and the speed of the transfer process so I can make a more informed decision. Fishing is also not a selling point for me 😅😴

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Despite Messy’s commendable best efforts at dressing this up, that’s not the offer you would of hoped for, when you day dreamed about moving to the LFB 😊 I do feel for you

I transferred in, and would of been the same as you if I’d got that offer  

Normally you aren’t allowed to apply for a transfer for 2 years. 

Good luck, whatever you decide 👍🏼


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I would guess that a busy station, with good commuting/transport links in LFB is quite desirable. I would think LFB have honoured their internal transfer requests first, with external transfers being used to back fill the gaps.

I've transferred to different services twice in my career, in a lot of ways its like starting all over again. Different people, different cultures, different equipment, SOP's etc etc.

I would look at going to Park Royal as a stepping stone into LFB. It gives you a chance to adjust and truly 'transfer' before you move onto your forever station. I made some mistakes when I transferred, not because I was stupid or didn't know how to do something. I thought I knew how to do something, but was actually doing it the way I was previously taught in another service  which was no longer correct in my new service. 

Beware landing at a new station and watch and putting a transfer request in straightaway. You are basically saying you don't want to be there. You might find people are a little less inclined to invest in you (courses etc) and to help you learn all the new things you need to know, because they know you will be moving on and they will have to do it all over again with someone else.

Only you know how this decision will impact on your home/family life, but I would look to commit to a station for at least a year or two before you move on again. 

The other advantage of that is you will find out more about other stations and specials by being on the inside, so to speak. So it might help you make a better choice when you look to transfer. 

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I get that people imagine themselves getting posted to a proper inner city station when they transfer in, but that isn't always the case. As with any brigade anywhere if there are a number of vacancies more often than not there is a reason for it. With regards to park royal I'd say it's down to it being fairly quiet shouts wise for a just on the outskirts of central station and that is has a command unit there now.

Some people love going out on it and attending a variety of incidents and if you've got promotion aspects it's a good chance to see how running incidents work, for others thats not their thing at all.

Depending on.how long you've got left in your career I'd probably weigh it up in terms of his long you still have in the job to go before retiring. 10-15 years plus to go then it's worth making the move for the sake of 2-3 years at Park Royal when you first transfer in. Like messy said it borders some decent station grounds who are busy and if you like warehouse fires you're in luck!

Although the fishing might not interest you, the biscuit factory down the road might! 

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I have been told I can put a transfer in straight away which I will be doing if I go, I don't want to be driving over an hour to a quiet station for any more than a few months.

Ah ok. I have ICL1 so that may be a factor in why they have sent me there. I see why some find it interesting but I have no desire to sit on a command unit. I'm still early in my career so just want to go out the doors to fires and rescues as much as I can. 

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The transfer process in LFB varies from station to station to be honest. It depends on the depth of transfer lists and numbers on your watch. Can be quick, can be painfully slow.

Get your head down, work hard and get a good rep. Like the others say, do a bit of time before putting in a transfer request. I reckon a few months is a good amount.

Some people like it as a station as they like the command unit, but most of them will be quite understanding if you’re looking to move on fairly quickly as they’re aware it’s not the busiest.

They will probably try and get you on a command unit course at some point. Bear in mind that you’ll struggle to get out of there if you do it.

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Yeah I'm aware of specialisms trapping people which is why I wanted to set my stall out and get my transfer in ASAP. The cost implications of driving to and from park royal are also not ideal for me for anything but short term.

I am a rope rescue specialist currently and would ideally like to be at a station where I can continue to use that skillset.

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Battersea “should” be an easy move to arrange if you go about it the right way, one of the watches is very short on numbers, it might be worth emailing or phoning the station commander there and explaining your situation, your previous experience and your willingness to take on any other skills at that station. 

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Battersea are short from what I hear but I know of 4 external transferees going there next month so they will likely be full as it seems the transferees are filling in the gaps 

The transfer lists for most central stations are generally longer (some 20+ People per watch colour )  I’ve been top of a few stations for for more than two years and have had no movement as not been allowed to be released so it could be a slow process but sometimes you get lucky - hope this helps 

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Well done on being accepted to transfer over to the LFB and welcome. Don’t get too disheartened on your posting.  I know a lot of people across all watches at Park Royal who are really enthusiastic, ambitious and are really good.  You’re joining a great station with great people and it’s a fantastic opportunity for anybody starting their career in London.  I serve in the Borough of Brent at Wembley and I can tell you, Park Royal does ok.  Brent is the most diverse Borough in the UK possibly Europe and has a real mix of industrial/commercial & residential premises with high levels of deprivation in areas.  So there’s loads to get stuck into, if you want it.  It borders some very busy areas in Willesden, Wembley, North Kent And often has takes onto those grounds as back up or initial attendance.  I’d stay clear of forming your opinion of a station based solely just on call out figures.  As you know, a small percentage of the job are call outs these days, however, you will be busy, I can assure you.  One of the provisos of recruiting external transferees was to bulk up establishment levels at specialist stations, like mine an FRU station and Command Unit Stations.  The CU qualification is a great skill to have and will provide greater awareness at larger incidents.  Park Royals is one of the decent ones and all operators are well versed in its operations now the CU Integration has completed.  You wouldn’t just be sat on the CU, you’ll be riding both the PL and CU as and when required.  Below are some of the stats from year ending 2021 for all stations within Brent, bearing in mind call rates dropped off significantly over the pandemic;

G28 Willesden:

  • 1455 Incidents 🚨
  • 137 Fires 🔥
  • 418 Special Service 💦
  • 434 False Alarm 🔕

G29 Park Royal:

  • 1168 Incidents 🚨
  • 126 Fires 🔥
  • 239 Special Service 💦
  • 342 False Alarm 🔕

G30 Wembley:

  • 1614 Incidents 🚨
  • 168 Fires 🔥
  • 450 Special Service 💦
  • 453 False Alarm 🔕

Some more statistics: Individual appliance mobilisations to all incidents in 2021:

G28 Willesden

  • 🚒 G281 (PL) - 1487
  • 🚒 G29 Park Royal
  • 🚒 G291 (PL) - 1230
  • 🚒 CU7 (CU) - 306

G30 Wembley

  • 🚒 G301 (PL) - 1102
  • 🚒 G302 (P) - 689
  • 🚒 G303 (TL) - 334
  • 🚒 G306 (FRU) - 610

Feel free to PM me if you want to know anything or have any concerns, I’d be happy to help and allay any fears/concerns you might have.  


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