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EDBA Training


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Hi all, 

Happy Easter, enjoying my first bank holiday off in a long time and still being sad and thinking about firefighter training (I know I'm cool as hell)

What do your respective FRS do in regards to Extended Duration BA training? Who carries it operationally? Do they have specific roles?

We currently run a 3 day conversion for those posted to FRU stations and have just started a new 1 day refresher. The refresher is done at a high rise and is a simulated 30 floor climb under air while carrying equipment. This is inherently connected to the new high rise policy and new high rise roles (stairwell protection, mass evac/rescue and the normal emergency teams)

To do this the crews do a 15 floor ascent, return to the ground and repeat. Resulting in 30 floors climbed and 30 descended. They do this ij teams of 3 carrying kit like an enforcer, second set, 2x 45mm Cleveland loaded hose etc.

Having never worked with it before going into training I'm trying to get more of an idea of how the kit is used outside of the strange world of LFB 

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47 minutes working duration obviously dependent on how hard you work. We can get nearly 50min off an SDBA set some days

Fitness wise it's a real eye opener and a big part of the theory in the morning

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