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LFB 2022 - Two Year Story

Cristina T

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Fantastic news and very well done for hanging in there despite all the setbacks 

I hope you will stay on the site and between studying, share your experiences of training school, your new station and maybe your first BA wear. 

But most of all, enjoy every second and if you can be bothered, keep a diary or list of jobs you attend. I really regret that I didnt do that 👍

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Thank you! I will definitely stay active on the site.  
And for the dairy, I’ll keep it in mind and will try my best to write it all down!

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Fantastic news and a great story!  Please do consider a blog on here to give an updated description of LFB training! Look forward to seeing you at Park Royal for your real fire training 

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Quite a journey, well done for sticking it out, you're going to love it.

Aswell as Rory, I will probably see you at Plaistow or Harrow in the coming weeks. Enjoy your training! 

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Well done & congratulations Christina! Great resilience to keep pushing and never give up!  Remember that when it becomes tough during your initial Phase 1 training and for the rest of your career and you will be absolutely fine.  Welcome to the the LFB!  

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