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Minor Bump in the Pump


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Not sure where to put this but hopefully it fits in here!

I've recently passed my HGV and I've started driving on out duties and back from jobs but haven't done my blue light course yet.

Today we were out and about and I was so busy looking out my window for an address, I didnt check my mirrors and had a minor scrape with a parked car!

The owner wasn't in so we had to get the police and it obviously gets escalated right up to higher management.

My crew have been fantastic and all of them have had wee dunts when they started driving but I'm gutted and so angry at myself for not paying attention properly.

It's made me wonder if I'm cut out for driving if I can do something so stupid when I'm not under any pressure.

Just looking for some advice and other folks experiences, I know it takes a long time to be fully confident driving HGVs but now I've lost a bit of my confidence.

Hope its OK to post!


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Stay positive and enjoy the learning curve. Driving was one of my favourite parts of being a FF. Your not the first or last to have a bump so don’t let it affect your confidence.

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Thanks yoffey, I think the best thing to do is get back in the driving seat tomorrow and learn from it!

No one was injured and the damage was minor but I'm still annoyed at myself.

Thanks for replying.

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Always remember, cars/lampposts/truck panels can be replaced, people cant. Youre learning in the truck, the more you do it, the better your confidence will grow. The majority of bumps and scrapes happen during slow speed manouvres ive learned, wether its turning the truck around after a safe and well or on approach to a job down a cul de sac. Everyones got a prang story, doesnt make you less of a driver as long as you learn from it

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If you are able, sign on to an employment agency as a temp LGV driver and do it on your days off.

Its hard work and not the best pay, but the mileage, manoeuvring, reversing- but above all the mileage  you will do in 3 to 6 month period (maybe 1 or 2 days a a week) will give you the experience and skills to improve your competence 

And don't be stuffy if a council.waste collection job is offered . The sheer amount of reversing and putting the truck in gaps will help no end

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You’ve made a mistake, we all do 😊 just be humble, apologise, keep a sense of perspective and humour. You will have to take some stick, just accept it with humility. Someone else will take the heat off you soon enough. 

p.s cakes ! 

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All great advice, thank you! 

I just need to get back up in the drivers seat and keep learning.

I enjoy driving but I'm definitely still so new at it.

Much appreciated folks!

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When I was around the Fire Service, I was shown a report on a minor accident which started, "The Post Box jumped into the road in front of me".

I don't know what happened to the author.

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I had an accident not long after I passed my EFAD. That was a few years ago & I’ve not had one since. Learn from it & all will be fine. 

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I know more Firefighters that have had a bump of sorts in a pump that I don't, some minor, others have been more serious.

I got my class 2 at the end of November 2019 then Covid hit so I have done a grand total of 200 miles if that in the various preserved fire engines we own. 

I have driven thousands of miles in cars and vans over the last 16 years and will jump in anything and drive it but because I've not had the time in a HGV I'm still more cautious on some smaller roads than I am others.  I'm far better than when I was 200 miles ago but it's one of them things that comes with time I have found.  

Don't give up with it, some streets are tight, but you would of been the same in a car when you started, just got to remember a pump is a bit bigger and keep an eye on your back end and the swing on that.

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