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Water Rescue Dogs


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Ok so no I haven't been on the glue.

Our four legged friends are amazing and lovable creatures and are used by many services and agencies due to their unique senses and skills... sometimes, and this opens up the ethics debate, when it is safer to deploy a dog into a hazardous area than a person.

The FRS have used dogs for decades now, in various guises. Mainly Hydrocarbon dogs to assist with Fire Investigation but USAR/UKISAR have them to find people trapped in building collapses.

But does anyone know of any country or agency that uses pooches for water rescue?

i think we have missed a trick here.

Most dogs love swimming, even Captain Flacks and my Boxer used to be part dolphin but there are some other breeds that are amazing in water and there must be some countries that use them in this role.

Could you imagine having a couple of trained dogs in buoyancy aids with grab lines attached swimming out to effect a rescue? I'd put money on them being quicker than a SWR 3 going like Johnny Weissmuller in a dry suit and not getting anywhere fast.

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I've heard newfoundlands are strong swimmers. Also heard they have a natural instinct to rescue people from water, whether they actually want rescuing or not!

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