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Cheshire FRS - My Ten Year Journey


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Jesus! I hope the job doesn't disappoint now you are in😳😱

Congratulations to you and everyone that has your strength of character and determination to keep going 👍

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I have to agree, what a journey you have been on. Im glad you have finally made it and as Messy says, I hope it meets tour expectations. 

Big congratulations and as I say to many, I hope you stay on here and share your experiences both as a trainee and as a firefighter going forwards. 

Well done ;)

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Thank you all, i am beyond excited! The story's a bit dramatic but at times, it felt that way. And thank you generally to the forum, it's an incredible resource and i hope i can contribute in the future and help others that are in the same position.

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I really enjoy reading these stories and admiring the tenacity and resilience of some on this site to keep going. A very useful attribute for the role IMHO

The recruitment process I went through 44 years ago was a simple one. I do not mean easier, but it was less scientific . No PQAs. No numerical reasoning (albeit lots of maths)

When i read excellently written posts like this, I  wonder whether I would have got through. Would I have had the strength of character? I have no idea

Many congratulations to you - what a journey. That poor insurance salesperson - I bet they got an earful 😊😊

Good luck!!

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