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Hi all!

Forgive me if i've missed any relevant threads but i can't seem to find much on here about how people have approached studying and preparing for IFE exams and i think it would make for an interesting conversation and a great resource for anyone looking to undertake these studys.

So here goes...

I've recently completed my IFE Level 2 Cerificate in Fire Science, Safety and Operations and am now looking to progress to the Level 3 exam. It is, however, slightly different from the Level 2 exam which is multiple choice. My questions are:

1. How did you ensure that you covered all the relevant information?

2. How did you structure your learning?

3. What was your revision strategy to ensure you'd be able to draw upon the relevant information during the exam?

4. What resources did you use?

5. What were your reasons for undertaking your learning? (promotion, personal development etc)

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On the IFE website it gives you a list of materials to revise for certain examinations, so for the level 3 (certificate) it involves purchasing the IFE book which covers everything in the exam, other exams may Mention studying further Fire safety/ incident command etc.

I structured my learning per individual subject until I was happy that I had a firm understanding for the required level needed, I need to read things over and over as I’m more of a kinaesthetic learner.

IFE’s are a requirement in my service from FF and above, I did them for both personal development and also the fact that if and when required for promotion down the line.👍

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As an IFE examiner for L4 fire investigation, I can say with absolute certainty that most people fail because they think they can sit the paper without studying.  My advice…. do a little bit of study (no more than an hour or two a day) over a longer period of time.  In my experience, trying to cram months of study into the few weeks before an exam doesn’t work. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks guys! @Jono86, i completely agree. I need a definite structure to the way i learn so i think breaking a larger subject down into its components will work.

I have the IFE Elementary Fire Engineering Handbook which i basically carry everywhere with me aswell as some other digital material.

Have to agree with @Noddy aswell, i think a good structure together with a sensible timescale is best practice. I gave myself plenty of time for the Level 2 exam (although this was partly due to COVID related delays).

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