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Pump-Train Transformer

Cristina T

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Hello, I am hoping to become a firefighter here in the UK (hopefully soon!) and I love watching videos and reading stuff about firefighters, FRSs around the world and equipments. 
I came across this video which I found very interesting:

Vigili del fuoco (ITALY) Pump-Train transformer

It’s in Italian and no English subs - sorry. But essentially it’s a Mercedes Arocs modified by BAI. It’s a Vigili del Fuoco appliance (National Italian FRS). And it’s a fire pump which transforms to a ‘train’ in order to tackle fires in railways tunnels. In the video he specifies Italy has ordered 29 of them (probably manufactured over a number of years - the oldest video I found is 6 years old) to be used at stations located near railways tunnels longer than 5km. Italy has a lot of these. 
So the pump-train can go on railways and inside tunnels at ease.
He goes on explaining the mechanics (diesel engine which also powers the power take off which in turn powers the hydraulic pumps. The HPs then power the rail trolleys). And he shows some of the specificities the pump has in order to tackle a fire in tunnels, like a thermo camera, a system to spray water around the truck to protect it from fire, a monitor at the top that has a flow of 800l/minute at max power. Weights 18tonnes and costs half a million €. 

I’ve travelled on railways in the UK quite a lot, and I cannot recall passing long tunnels, which is probably due to the flatter surface of the UK compared to Italy. I don’t think it’s very needed in here. However, is there such an appliance here? And what are your thoughts? Maybe some special equipment to use in the tube?

I find it quite cool, a lot of new technology, and looks good too. And it can definitely help save lives if a major accident sadly happens in a tunnel.

All the best!

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We’ve got a battery powered trolley in London for use on the underground the training also includes driving an ancient tube train backwards and forwards while wearing a gas tight suit, no where near the same but there you go!

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