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Training Exercise - GMFRS

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Following on from the post, the loneliest job in the fire service and many pointing to Incident Command, I recently experienced the latest exercise from my FRS which put me in a lonely place for a while. 

I was first in attendance and Incident Commander at a scenario where a Tornado Fighter Jet had crashed into a housing estate and crushed a supermarket causing 4 RTCs and a House Fire. I had to deal with the 4 RTCs, 2 of which were full roof removals, prior to getting any access to the "Rubble Pile" which was the supermarket. 

Luckily I had a SM come and take over and I became the Sector Commander, which wasn't as lonely. I do also now know how to deal with a Tornado should one come down in Manchester xD More details are available on Twitter and the following link.

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That sounds like a hell of an exercise - and with umpteen observers and media there by the look of it! No pressure then!

I have to say the new Bury training school looks the part

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I must admit, its the best we have had it in terms of training. Its still in its final stages of being completed, but at £11m its got a lot of ability to provide us with everything we need going forward. I quite enjoyed today despite being thrown in at the deep end. I guess it all ends up on the CV. :)

In terms of filming, the BBC were there to film how we work with the Salvation Army who feed us on larger jobs. However, they got really engrossed into the exercise and started to film it. Apparently its on Songs of Praise.  (I bet my response to being told a Tornado had hit the street will not be broadcast) xD

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