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Hi I'm looking for some help on pumping basics. 

Can someone describe overdrawing the supply and also the opposite. With examples of what to do? 

Any good resources on pumping? 


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When you are over running the supply, you are supplying more water out of the pump than it is receiving. 

if you were to have 800lpm coming in from a hydrant but supplying 3 jets at 400lpm this would be a example of overrunning the supply and you would very quickly run out of water from the tank.

A couple of ways to combat this would be to ask crews to lower their flow rate at the branch or find a better water supply. 

Have you got a training course coming up?

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Over running the supply is basically using more water than you have. If you’re pumping out 2000lpm and the hydrant is only giving you 1000lpm, then you’re over running it. If you don’t sort it, you will collapse the hydrant, rendering it useless.

Several solutions, such as closing deliveries, reducing pressure, getting another water source set in. 

Opposite is having too much water coming in. Providing you’re not flooding anywhere with that, then too much is not a problem. Your TC or intranet should have some materials available for pumping.

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If the amount of water you are receiving is greater than the water you are giving out then depending on what pump you have there are two options.

1- The newer pumps with automatic fill valves will open and close when necessary to top the tank up so you don't have to do anything other than monitor it. 

2- with the older style ones with a manual open and close tank valve I was taught best practice when on an incident is to plug the hose into the eye of the pump direct, ensure you have a full tank then close the tank valve to prevent it from overflowing and dumping water under the truck.

The feed from the hydrant goes straight into the pump and you have a tank of water closed off in case you need it. it's important to keep an eye on the soft suction hose from the hydrant. If things do change and you start overrunning the supply you will see the hose go flat almost as if you are sucking the air out of a blocked straw. 

the advice above is good about what to do it overrunning your supply your main options are reduce the number of deliveries, reduce the pressure, reduce flow rate on the branch or find an alternative water supply.

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