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One for the London bods but what equipment is standard across all the FRUs? I know each one has a specialism ( hazmat, line rescue etc ) but im curious as to how much the specialist equipment gets used as opposed to the “bog standard” lot they carry

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RTC, snake eye, hot cutting gear and EDBA are standard across all FRUs I think. (I've just been on PAO at an FRU station that's got different skills to mine so its just what I saw doing inventory off the top of my head).

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At a guess, probably for EDBA wearers and DIM sweep as it was a large building. I think they’re all hazmat FRUs as well, so at least one of them would’ve been there for decontamination (this is all a guess, so those in the know please correct me).

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34 minutes ago, Messyshaw said:

Decon at a natural gas leak? 

Maybe I am being DIM 🤔

I’ve been on a shout like this and we asked the same question to very blank faces. 

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8 hours ago, Messyshaw said:

Decon at a natural gas leak? 

Maybe I am being DIM 🤔

Decon Support (which is what it provides) is on the PDA for a Level 2 Hazmat incident. The second FRU mobilises alongside the CBRN Rapid Response Team to bolster their numbers when they turn out to a job. I can’t answer for the 3rd i’m afraid.

6 minutes ago, Toffer said:

I feel like I am being dim as well but can someone explain the acronyms please?! DIM, EDBA, PAO, and what is or are snake eyes?! 

DIM - Detection, Identification, Monitoring

EDBA - Extra Duration Breathing Apparatus

PAO - Pre-arranged Overtime

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The LFB mobilise a PDA based on the category of incident, there are many categories! 2 FRUs ( hazmat attributes )  will be on the PDA for any hazmat level 2 incident, and a significant gas leak in the in the basement of a high rise structure is going to get a hazmats PDA. As for the 3rd FRU, that was probably a risk based decision based on the risk of fire and explosion posed by the incident. FRUs go to all high rise calls ( EDBA attribute ) 

Looks like an interesting little job actually, at a very high profile location. 

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