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Surrey FRS Open Day

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Anyone who is considering coming to the open day at reigate tomorrow, Rosenbauer will have their 56m height vehicle there and a brand new panther (came in on low loader from schipol today)plus loads of other stuff old and new. 10 -4 im on a 24 so will be there most of the day i suspect, pending shouts!

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A good day was had by all and you Surrey did a sterling job so well done.  It was very well attended and coupled with good weather ; im sure it will go down as a huge success.  

Interesting machine is that Rosenbauer. It dwarfs even your 42m and that's the largest in the UK. Slightly strange when looking from the bottom up as it looks like it arches back on itself on the last extension. 10 minutes up there in the cage and you would get a tan.

That airport panther was a beast as well!

Managed to watch the presentation to of the two 40 year men. 40 years? Bet they have seen a few changes.

All in all a great day out


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Cheers..it was a good day...managed to walk 18K according to my phone..ill post what they made for f2f charity in due course..reckon we had 4 -5 thousand people through the door !

The 2x40 yr guys are really good I work closely with one of them...doesnt take any sh#t from anyone..yes he's got some stories.

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