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What Alerters are You Using?

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The Datanets are great alerters and very well made, I quite like the look of the Pageone pagers though, do they offer anything other than just sound for fire calls? 

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It varies.  Most are issued with the good old Datanet 2a and those that aren’t, wish they were.  The newbies get a huge thing (not sure who makes it) that doesn’t come with a decent belt attachment, doesn’t sound as good and normally gets swapped out as soon as a 2a can be found.

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Datanet like Dan, i know at one point the swissphone was looked at as it had an acknowledgement button so control could see how many people would turn in. More recently our service have explored using an App for alerting those in poor signal areas, my only concern was which form would i fill out to recover the cost of charging my phone at night

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Not sure if anyone picked up but Andy Cygan who owned Datanet has sadly passed away I’m told.

Not sure if another company took it on - the company still is active on companies house but we had an email late last year for final orders as they wouldn’t be producing any more. but sadly I think the faithful 2A will soon be a collectible unless someone takes it on.

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