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Extension Plugs Safe Near Duvet?


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Let me give you a bit of context. Basically, my bed is 5 inches away from my wall, and I'd like to put an extension lead in a plug socket. The actual 'extension bit' (the bit where plugs are connected to the extension lead) will be well away from my bed. My parents seem to think that the extension lead plug will get very hot and set fire to my duvet, but I do not think that this would happen, as long as I do not overload the extension lead. Can somebody give me some advice? Like I said, the extension lead does not touch my duvet. 

Thanks in advance. 

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I would like to ask what you have in mind to plug into this lead?

If it is for overnight charging of a phone for instance, I'd share your parents concerns as it is not best practice to charge batteries in this way, even though this would not represent overloading

Parents can be gits. Ask my kids ;)

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I'd plug in my PC and 2 monitors to it, and could honestly turn it off overnight if it were a problem. 

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It doesn't sound too bad, but landlords (whether you are related to them or not) have the right to impose restrictions.

My daughter isnt allowed pets or to dry clothing on her balcony.

Life just aint fair - unless you have plenty of £££££s at which time it can get a bit fairer) ?

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Well, they're not really imposing it on me, they've talked to me about it and I said I'd talk to some people on here about whether it's safe. They said they'd allow me to do it if it was safe - so, you're saying that it is?

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It's all in context: If you were running a hairdryer/straighteners and a kettle off it simultaneously the draw might be a tadge heavy. The big issues we're getting are cheap electric items such as iphone chargers and funnily enough extension leads made in china which although CE stamped are nowhere near said standards. If it was me I'd go for an individually switched and if possible an individually (per outlet) fused one, to play safe. Realistically monitors & pc's (as for tellys) on standby are drawing a fair chunk of power still, and can be somewhat prone to going up...Standby is lazy and dangerous imho, turn em off full not halfway. 

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Definitely. I'd never leave them on standbye. The only risk is the plug of the extension lead getting too hot, but that wouldn't happen so long as it doesn't get overloaded. 

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