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Tesla Model 3 - Blue Lights

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Poxy things were like a lead weight...

Lease cars... Tax implications that rolled on for almost 2 years post retirement until my 2019/20 return, I paid a lot towards it and was choice restricted by CO emissions for the last five or so years, a mileage rate that didn't cover the cost of fuel..... The best I had it was exactly like you,  when I had a Nissan Almera when I was temporary back in the early 2000's and my last few months when I backed the lease car and had one of their fleet cars. Zero cost, used when on duty ignored when off duty. It's much cheaper for a Brigade to pay a few grand towards a lease plus blue light insurance for each officer than for them to run a full fleet of officers cars as LFB did up until the mid 80's. 

Many of us longer serving officers, having seen the so called 'perks' disappear around 2008/9 (as I recall) often lobbied for the return of a fleet of cars. I'd have happily walked to Hornchurch for 8am, picked the car up and dropped in back at 5pm or the end of a 24 shift and walked home again. But the whole "You scratch our back but we won't neccasarily scratch yours" system of being in early, going to late meetings, finishing your day on the other side of town, would have fallen down to their disadvantage. Funny it was never the uniformed PO's who had a problem, it was always the politicians and senior non-uniformed staff who came for the benefits.... but then had no answer when the RB's suggested they end the scheme and provide cars for all like smaller FRS'.

We won't even mention the Audi A6 that spent more time in the workshop that with me (That a few of the esteemed members on here had to pushed when it conked out, thankfully just 50 yards from my house @Carl @Noddy @Keith) or the 5 series BM that had a water leak and sat in a BMW dealer, held hostage, for a couple of months while LFB and BMW argued who was to blame for the water leak (they claimed it was caused by the wiring of the blue lights and siren going through the bulkhead although they could not reproduce the leak). In the end, LFB paid for the disassembly and reassembly and had it independently assessed, inconclusive, so I had them bung the hole with sealant and never mentioned it again. The point being, had that have been a fleet car, I'd have taken it to workshops and pick dup another never to worry about it again. 

Aaaannnnd breathe!!!!!

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Remember pushing the Audi @Steveand that it was replaced by a humble Vauxhall Zafira.🤣

I'm not sure the Tesla is going to be a viable option unless the necessary infrastructure is also supplied. If you haven't access to a fast charger how many hours would you not be available waiting for it to charge on an extension lead running from the office or your house?

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I don't remember a Zafira? When it went back to Audi they gave me a Q7 once then an A5 the next time and then another A6. After Audi took it back I had a Mondeo from the Lease Co while my BMW was on order. 🤔

Speaking of which.... 'The Beast' is going on 4th October. I have ordered a BMW 5 series estate again, my old favourite, through the excellent BMW Military/Emergency service scheme.... A £50,985 car for £40,100 the discounts are unbeatable. But with the current lack of supply for conductor chips the wait is about 6 months. However, a result of that is that used car prices are though the roof. Audi have offered me £39,000 to buy back the Q7 and I've bit their arm off. When I considered a change back in April when the Q7 hit three years, they only offered me £33,000 and that was dependent on me having a new car from them. The direct sale price would have been even less. 

Me and Mrs D will have the share her A5 for a few months and when I'm away working, she'll have to share my middle Daughter's Fiat 500.... 😄

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On 20/09/2021 at 01:21, Carl said:

Does anyone know which services, if any are going to be trialling the Tesla Model 3?

There's an officer in LFB who's taken one as their new lease car.....not bad but they do feel a bit plasticky in the construction

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On 20/09/2021 at 01:21, Carl said:

Does anyone know which services, if any are going to be trialling the Tesla Model 3?

If I play my cards right il be getting this back… Model 3? Pah! Oh how we laugh as we go from 0-60 in 2.6 seconds 🤓


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