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Radio Linked Smoke Alarms


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From what I have seen on these its mainly other organisation lead i.e. health, council that fit the careline/lifeline systems but I know with the close working more FRS maybe assisting with this these days but I suspect the cost will be picked up out of the FRS as there is quite a bit more kit than just your standard alarm.

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I have a fair amount of experience of working with these alarms from my time in community safety. I would regularly refer people for these smoke alarms as they basically garuntee an emergency response in a fire situation. They also come with an optional pendant in most cases that can be activated if the occupant has a fall. This wil usually result in the attendance of an ambulance.

Obviously the need for such an alarm is dependent on the occupiers ability to self evacuate as well as their willingness to actually dial 999 (as the alarm receiving centre does that for them), but they are very effective when it comes to looking after those most vulnerable from fire, as well as other risks. It's worrying the amount of people that could really do with one that don't have one. Some of this comes down to cost and whether or not the occupier is required to pay for it themself which is a whole other area, but in my opinion they are brilliant. My grandparents also have the system installed in their home.. much to my grandad's reluctance to begin with... but he came around :D

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