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Safe Working at Height Kit


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Afternoon all,

Can anyone direct me to a website/pdf that describes all the kit used in the FRS for working at height/rope rescue?

I realise there is probably an endless list as it involves specialist teams, I’m after more of the standard kit you would typically find on a rescue appliance.

I’m looking to identify the various pulleys, descenders, haulers etc by name.

Thanks in advance for any help. 

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I think you may struggle, whilst there may be similarities in the kit used I would very much doubt there’s a universal list in existence. Even in Hampshire and Isle of Wight we have a mixture of kit throughout our service due to the alignment and replacement items being similar but different manufacturers pulleys and rope grabs being examples.

That also won’t take into account what each service defines as its rope response.

in Hampshire our ‘level 1’ teams are trained to work safely at height in fall arrest or work restraint.

level 2 work in the above as well as work position top down. They also have casualty harnesses and the equipment to enable a 3:1 raising system.

level 3 is as per the NFCC team typing including self ascent and horizontal access. 

Level 4 is Usar lace systems.

But many fire services don’t have level 3 or 4 and their level 2 may be more or less capable than ours.

suspect it’s mostly down to appetite and risk profile.

happy to ramble on about Hiowfrs but that’s not a reflection of other services.

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