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Wholetime Firefighter HIWFRS Conditional Offer


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I did it. I can’t believe it and I’m still in shock.

I was working for a customer on Thursday last week and popped back to the van to check my phone. I saw I had a missed and a voicemail. As I listened to the message I actually began to shake!

I was asked to call the recruitment team so I did. It was either good or bad.

The lady on the other end could obviously hear the relief and joy in my voice when she gave me the news. I said I was grinning from ear to ear and she said she could tell.

I’m now cringing at the amount of times I said “Thank you” to her.

Roll on February 21st 2022!

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Well done. As I have said many times, really good to see more and more successful applicants reaching their goal now. Inspiration for others. ;)

Congratulations. ;)

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