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Historic Couplings

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I'm looking for a wee bit of help. I have a wee side line restoring couplings and selling them as candles. (id be happy to link if @Carl was ok with it). But i've come across a type i'm not familiar with. Does anyone know anything about them. I'm guessing they would have been Essex FB from the stamps, but any more info would be much appreciated.


h3gq42p.jpg   D9XBwsU.jpg   JenIkkb.jpg

Sorry had issues with the links above. First 2 pictures are the ones i'm interested in. Last is what i turn them into.

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Looking at the male coupling, it appears to be made in 2 pieces.  The hole may have been for a spanner wrench which was used to unscrew the "collar" from the coupling itself.

Perhaps the hose passed through the detachable collar and was then fitted over the the coupling tail. The collar may then have been screwed down onto the coupling, locking the hose in place?

Pretty much the Hozelock principal used with modern garden hose.

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Mmm thanks for tha @TandA, I hadn't considered that. Being brass and their type. I'm guessing they are ~1940-1960?

Quote removed as its a direct quote of the previous post, please see FAQ

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