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XVR Simulations and Minerva / Hydra Suites

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Has anyone experienced any of these systems either as an assessment or training event ? 

I am interested in the replacement of our current assessment criteria which utilises Fire Studio and would be interested in peoples thoughts and views on immersive suites ?



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We have XVR in Dublin and it was used in the recent D/O competition as an assesment tool. With the right operator it could easily be used as a training and development tool for junior officers.

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Im at Tc and we have just got it, I use it as a facilitator and assessor, also build with it, prior to this we had Vector and fire studio, personally I think its a brilliant bit of kit and once set up to how your facilitators want it, very easy to use

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We have XVR in Manchester and have done so for a few years now. In fact our TC spent an awful amount of money creating an Incident Command Suite which we still use to this day to complete what we call "In Role Supervisory". Basically each officer is thrown into a scenario and goes through the motions to remain competent. However, it only seems to happen every could of years due to the time and resources it takes up.

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