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Major Review of UK Resilience

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HM Government - via the cabinet Office - are carrying out a major review of UK resilience. This involves central and local government, and businesses such as utility companies, communications, supply chains IT, healthcare and  education. It also is reviewing the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) as part of this project and is asking for contributions from business, LAs or the public.

Are any of you involved in this ‘call for evidence’?

National Resilience Strategy Call For Evidence

I am drawing up my employers response to the review and am trying hard to fight the cynicism in me.  One major part of the new policy is mentioned under the title of ‘Prevention is Better Than Cure”. This is all about the UK  investing in infrastructure, equipment, people and procedures to prevent disruption and promote resilience.

My cynicism isn't helped by the fact its Paymaster General, Penny Mordaunt MP who is leading the review. Yes, the former Fire Minister who when in that post, stood back and watched many Fire and Rescue Services dismantle much of their ‘Prevention is better than cure’ fire stations and appliances - and was accused of misleading Parliament over Firefighter pensions. Some may argue she is not exactly a safe pair of hands for this job - I of course, could not comment!

The paperwork she and her team have produced is massively post Brexit influenced. With one exception, the review is very Britain focused - for example, it fails to mention other examples of good practice elsewhere in the world. The aim of the review is to make Britain the most resilient county in the world and is very jingoistic in its approach.

Its odd then, that the presentation that she recently gave mentioned Britain's emergency services and how Britain has the best in the world etc etc. However the accompanying  PowerPoint slide showed this photo of what I believe (from those fire helmets) is a European  and NOT a British fire crew - Whoops!!!!!  🤣



Euro fire crew.jpeg

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