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Old Palace School Bombing WW2

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I have been researching the old palace school bombing that took place during the blitz in WW2 for a number of years, which is still the largest ever loss of life at a single incident, for the Brigade. 34 Firefighters lost their life.

I am hoping to make contact with any living members of those that sadly lost their lives on that fateful night.

I have built a new commemorative website dedicated to the memory of the 34 firefighters who died here. It's in its infancy but will be gradually populated over the coming months.


The idea being to build a page for every fireman or firewoman.

Any help you can give to support this with helping to locate family members is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Paul, thank you for what you’re doing, it’s so important we remember those who have given their lives on the job. Thank you, you are appreciated 😊 you might have more luck on the LFB retired members Facebook pages, and the LFB incident photo past and present page. Those guys really know their history and have a contact network. 

Sorry I can’t help further and good luck 😊

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I have now created a new website dedicated to the memory of the 34 firefighters who sadly lost their lives at the Old Palace School Bombing during WW2 which was and still is, the largest ever loss of life at a single incident in the Brigades History.

The website is in its infancy and I am hoping to gradually create a biography page for all 34 firefighters telling their individual stories.

The website is here

My original 5 year research into the story can be found here.

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Well done Chids, I remember attending the original plaque unveiling that was done by the Firemen Remembered charity. I was based at Poplar at the time and that part fo east London had a very high toll of lost Firefighters during The Blitz. I was honoured at the time to have a long chat with Cyril Demarne who although was in his  early 90's by then was still sharp and sprightly.

As others have mentioned, a think the Facebook London Fire Brigade History page will be an ideal place to seek out people who may have further information.

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Thanks Steve, appreciate your kind words and thoughts. They were extremely tough years, during the War period, but it's important that we still remember today the sacrifice that others gave to ensure we enjoy the freedom we have today.

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I have been slowly adding biographies of the 34 firefighters who died and slowly adding their stories and pictures. The last biography just published was
without a doubt, the toughest and most emotional story so far, that I have written about the 34 firefighters who lost their lives. I urge you to read this and not have a tear in your eye.

William Thomas Rashbrook "Sonny"

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