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Moorgate Tube Disaster Messages

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I have come across a document that is a summary of messages and mobilising arrangements for the major incident at Moorgate Tube Station in February 1975 & thought I would share it here. (see attachment Moorgate MAP)

It was a couple of years before my time, but I recall hearing he awful stories from those who attended. 

A tube train failed to stop at its terminus and hit the dead end of the tunnel at 40MPH with no brakes being applied. It happened in the morning rush hour.

43 people died and 74 were injured.

It took 4 days to reach and remove the driver's remains whose cab was now only 150mm deep. Hot (flame) cutting was used in the already stifling conditions causing a fire at one point. Temperatures reached 49C and O2 levels down to 16%. This caused rapid decomposition of bodies and even more horrors for the crews. 

Remarkably, the job stayed as a 6 pump special service/Major incident. Something I wasn't aware of until I read the messages

More here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moorgate_tube_crash


Moorgate 1.jpeg

Moorgate 2.jpeg

Moorgate MAP 1975.pdf

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Good topic @Messyshaw. I was actually considering posting posts like this on the anniversary of these significant incidents / events. There are certainly many to choose from and I would hope it would create some interesting discussions.

Perhaps we have found you another job, unpaid of course. Well, I will buy you a pint and a curry on our next meet-up  :)

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I have got the video LFB made about the incident, shows some very good early on JESIP practices as well as footage of the rescue and recovery efforts along with the conditions crews faced down there. If anyone would like a copy PM me and i’ll try and share it from my onedrive

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