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Tyne and Wear Conditional Offer


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Well can’t quite believe it! Just had an email with an offer pending references and DBS check to start with Tyne and Wear at the end of September.

it’s been a long road starting way back in 2018. My first attempt I didn’t get through the online tests for County Durham. My next attempt with Humberside I got to the final 30, invited to medical, passed but didn’t make the final cut of 19.

my next attempt in 2019 I got to the interview stage with Tyne and Wear and County Durham but didn’t progress past the interview.

then finally my most recent attempt with Tyne and Wear starting in 2020. I made it through everything and sat another medical but at that point it was to late for the April 21 course. Had an email a couple of weeks back to book another medical(my third haha). Passed and received the email today with the job offer. I may be mad leaving a good job and risking everything but I’m so excited to start this new chapter!

id like to give a big thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. @Gavfor telling me not to give up after the humberside knock back and @Andy1 for countless tips and advice and obviously @Carlfor this site! My advice to anyone would be keep chipping away. After each knock back I always thought never again but it drags you back in and just don’t give up.

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