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Merseyside Fire Bikes

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Just stumbled across this video. Skip to 9minutes 4 seconds for the fire bike section. 

What is everyone's opinion on this?

Are they still on the run in Merseyside? 

Not sure where he gets the BA set from to put out the car fire at the end LOL

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Not sure if they still have them but they were a joint enterprise with Cheshire.  Started out as small fire units and rather bizarrely AFA units that were dispatched to investigate. 

Cheshires had a rather scary weave down the M62 towards Liverpool whilst on blues and that put the end to theirs as a response vehicle although I don't recall it ever being fitted out with the suppression system - indeed most police forces ditched Honda as bikes. Google 'Pan Weave" Terrifying is an understatement.

Got used as a community engagement type of thing at biker down rallies and open days in the end.

I personally don't like the idea of bikes/Small units with only one or limited personnel attending as the potential for something to go horribly wrong is massive as well as being a complete disregard for any SSoW.

10 years ago you would struggle to find a FRS with the amount of kit Merseyside had :- A fix winged aircraft, quad bikes, jet ski's and more. I'm convinced I saw them on Formby beach once with a hovercraft !

Norman Price has a great website for the NW services

Have a look on the 'Miscellaneous Vehicle' pages.

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The Hovercraft officially provides rescue cover for the River Mersey mud flats at the end of Liverpool Airport. The RNLI operate one locally too.

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